Special Edition: Hair Video & Podcasting

Writing this blog and sharing my cancer story has been very important to me for a couple reasons: bringing hope and positivity during a dark time, providing awareness to the trials and tribulations of cancer, and being able to accept it for myself.  What it has led to is a few very unexpected things that I wanted to share!

In October 2016, not only did I cut all my hair off, but I recorded it!  I posted the video on the 1 year anniversary and I was then contacted by someone from the website rightthisminute.com.  And it somehow made it onto the news in many states!  I received messages from friends and family in Wisconsin, Georgia, and Arizona!

I was also asked to be on a few Star Wars podcasts to tell my story and talk Star Wars.  AND I was even asked to be a co-host on a podcast about Star Wars books.  I am so thankful to have met so many great people from the Star Wars Community!

Below is the post from Right This Minute and also my original hair video.  Also, I posted the links to the podcasts.

Star Wars: Legends and Lore (I’m a co-host):

My friend Sylvia Seal hosts this podcast about Running and Star Wars:

My friend Jessie co-hosts this podcast about Star Wars and the game SWTOR:
Episode 37: Rebels & Legends

My friend Eve co-hosts “Star Wars on Tap” for Unmistakably Star Wars.  My episode is not out yet, but they have a lot to listen to:



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